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Designed to boost your scores to qualify for a home loan.

Credit repair services tailored to help you purchase a home.

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Trusted by FHA home loan market leaders, and their credit challenged borrowers.

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Home Loans Just Got Easier

Our Lender program is 100% free upon success! 

Removing negative items is one of the quickest ways to increase a credit score.

  1. Challenge negative items with all three bureaus over a 6 month period of time.

  2. We send letters to creditors and require them to prove what they are reporting as accurate.

Our goal is to raise your credit scores as quickly as possible so you can start shopping for a home.

See what our customers say.

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At Home Link, we are focused on getting your pre-approved to purchase a home as quick as possible.

We focus on getting you pre-approved

Our Costs

All credit reports and client circumstances are unique, and require a consultant to review each circumstance. There are two fees associated with the credit repair services; the initial plan based on the consultant's review, and the monthly installment service fee during the term of the plan. 

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